Don't Let Price Tags Ruin The Magic!

Why? Why? WHY do they put the biggest, most-obnoxious price tags on toys at Christmastime and why do they have to use insane adhesive?!  I've done all the tricks from baby oil to a warm hair dryer and although they work (to varying degrees) I got sick of all that and made these awesome North Pole labels to cover up the price tags.  

North Pole Stamp Printable.jpg


I made these in Photoshop and saved them as a PDF, so you should be able to print them even if you don't have Photoshop.  I used the Avery Label 22808 template, because they printed so nicely on brown kraft paper and I wanted to ensure the label underneath is blocked.  

 I used the Avery Label 22808 template, because they printed so nicely on brown kraft paper and I wanted to ensure the label underneath is blocked.  Buy purchasing these labels through our Affiliate Link, you're supporting Hop, Skip & Jump, a local preschool!

Download my PDF here: Free North Pole Label Printables

Ultimate Sewing Gift Guide! {Our Personal Must-Have Items!}

There are essential tools and supplies that belong in every person's sewing arsenal, but trying to wade through all the options when you're somewhat new is overwhelming.  You don't want to overpay, but you also don't want to end up buying junk.  We've made this guide to help you get the most bang for your buck and to be certain you're getting high quality items!

Our Top Pick Sewing Machine:              Brother XR3774

For just over $100, you're not going to get a better deal than this baby!  It comes with so many extras that you'll wonder how the heck they're charging so little.  These are the machines we teach on and we LOVE them!


Our Top Pick Serger:                                Singer 14CG754 ProFinish

If you're in the market for a Serger (aka Overlock Machine) this baby packs a mean punch for just a bit more than a regular machine!  This is a COMMERCIAL GRADE machine!  For just around $180!  Can't beat it!

** Must-Have Book for Serger Newbies! **

A serger is totally different from a sewing machine.  It requires threading FOUR spools.  There are tension, length, width, and differential settings that you'll need to learn how to adjust depending on your application.  This book covers it all!


Our Top Pick Rotary Cutter Set:  Fiskars

This set is a GAME CHANGER.  Ultra-fast and precision cutting are not mutually exclusive concepts.  For around $30 this is a no-brainer purchase!  *This is like a pizza cutter except with a razor edge.  Not for kids under 13.*


Our Top Pick Scissors: Fiskars No. 8 Spring Loaded

Bent for easy cutting, spring loaded for less hand strain, great for righties AND lefties!   For around $13 they are a great buy.  Fiskars also makes a sharper which is great for extending the life of your scissors.  *NEVER CUT PAPER WITH FABRIC SCISSORS*


Our Top Pick Accessory Feet Set

Most machines come with at least a few accessory feet, but this set offers a variety of fun feet for all sorts of techniques without throwing in ones you likely already have.  The quality is pretty decent and will fit all domestic low-shank machines.  Around $18.


Fabric Stash Starters

Gifting someone a machine without fabric is like buying an action packed toy and forgetting the batteries!  Make sure you get some fabric for them to make things with!

Fat Quarter Set

Jelly Roll Precuts

Charm Pack


Great Books Filled with Projects Specifically By Fabric Size! 


Thread Stash Starters

*Sewing machines do not come with thread.  Sergers come loaded and threaded with four different colors: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green.

24 Spools All-Purpose Polyester Blend $21 - Double Black and Double White!

10 Spools 100% Cotton Thread $24 - Various Color Options available

60 Spool Thread Organizer Rack $19


Great Stocking Stuffers! - All from $3-$10

$5 Seam Ripper - This little guy is your best friend.  Great for removing temporary stitching and mistakes.

$3 Pin Cushion with Sharpener (yeah... that little strawberry is a sharpener.  You're welcome.)

$8 Tube Turner - Turns narrow tubes of fabric like straps

$9 800 Glass Head Pins - Glass pins are the only pins you can iron over/near without melting! 

$9 Clips - Hold multiple fabric layers together with ease.  Great from when pins are impractical.


$6 Steam-A-Seam  - Great for installing zippers, piping, fringe, etc.  *NEED AN IRON

$7 Thread Cone Adapter - Allows regular machines to use Overlock Cones of Thread which are FAR more economical to purchase!

$10 12 Bobbin Clamps - THESE ARE GENIUS!

$3 Point Turner - Great for getting perfectly pointy corners!

$9 Chalk Wheel - Dispenses a thin precise line of chalk for marking fabric and patterns 

$7 Thread Snips - Great for precision snipping of threads from work.

$8 Set of 2 Bobbin Box Sorters - These are great if you have storage for sewing that isn't going to get tossed and jumbled around.  

Have questions about these items or why other items didn't make the cut?  Comment below!